what to expect

both homeopathy and doula services are about the individual you

Homeopathic consultations                                                                

Your first homeopathic consultation will be about 2 or so hours long.  I will be investigating your main concerns as well as learning about you and how you function in this world on both physical and mental/emotional spheres. 

There are thousands of homeopathic remedies and it is my job to find the one that closest fits you, as an individual. Most remedies cover most complaints but it is about how you experience the symptom that is the decising factor in finding the right remedy. For example how any two people experience a headache will differ greatly, one may be throbbing and behind the eyes, another may be radiating up over the head from the nech to the forehead and may be a constant ache, they both may be worse from light but one is better lying down while the other prefers sitting. Any combination is possible and there are specific remedies for each scenario. 

Once I have taken your case and studied it I will prescribe the remedy that has the most in common with you and your individual traits. The prescription and potency will depend on a few variables; the issue, your sensitivities, your vitality, the remedy itself etc...

Follow-ups: These sessions are generally 15-30minutes but depending on what is going on may be longer. Usually if it is an on going issue we are working through it is shorter, if you have been well for some time and are now back with a new issue then we may need a bit more time to delve into it.

Fee Schedule

 Initial consults - $175 - 2 hours or so

            Child (under 5) - $135 - 1-1.5 hours

            Breastfed baby 6 months or younger treated with Mom -$25

Follow-up and acute consults; each 15min interval – $25


Doula Services                                                                                    

As a Doula, I accompany women in labor to help ensure a safe and satisfying birth experience. I have received education for the Doula’s role from a DONA (Doula’s of North America) approved course presented by Choices Childbirth and Education services in July of 1998. I have since been working and volunteering as a Doula attending birth conferences and regular meetings and additional trainings.  

I draw on my knowledge and experience to provide; physical, emotional and informational support. I can provide reassurance and perspective for you and your partner, make suggestions for labor progress and help with relaxation, massage, positioning and other techniques for comfort. I am independent and self-employed, as your doula I am working for you and not your caregiver and or hospital.


I prefer to meet with you at least once or twice before your labor, to become acquainted and to discuss your priorities, desires, any concerns or fears. Doing this we can learn how we will best work together.

I will need to become familiar with your Birth Plan, including your preferences regarding pain management options and the use of pain medications. Also important for me to know is your own best ways of coping with pain and fatigue.


As for your actual labor, I will be there for you as soon as you feel you need me. I would prefer that you phone me as soon as you think you are in labor, even if you think you do not yet need me – this way I can begin to prepare, and be ready for when you do need me.

I can answer any questions and provide support over the phone. We can decide if I should come over or wait for further change.

After your birth I usually remain with you for about one to two hours, until you are comfortable and ready for quiet time with your baby.  I can also help initiate breast-feeding if necessary. I am available for phone contact to answer questions about the birth or yours and your baby’s health and would like to get together with you within one to two weeks to see how you are doing, review the birth, admire your baby and get feedback about my role 

My fees for the services described here are $900, to be paid as follows;

            -Two cheques.

The 1st for $500

The 2nd for $400 (post dated for the 1st of the month of your due date)

From the 1st cheque I pay my back-up a $50 retaining fee, the 2nd  cheque will not be cashed until after your birth and will be cashed by whomever attends your birth – myself or my back-up. 

I am also available for post-partum care, should you desire, to help you in the transition of regaining your strength and adapting to caring for your new little one.  This is a separate role from labor doula and my fees for this service are $25/hour.