Homeopathy Home Kits

Home kits can be customized to suit your needs

Kits are designed to cover your families needs during acute ailments or injuries.


Kits are designed to support birth attendants care of Mom's during pregnancy labor and post partum


Each Kit comes with cards describing the indicating symptoms for the top remedies in common first aid and acute situation s or typical things that come up in labor and post partum.




The basic remedies I recommend starting with are listed below with some typical uses for each remedy:


Home Kit:


Aconite: fright, shock, chills, sudden onset, fever, croup

Apis: bee stings, mosquito bites, red-hot swellings

Arnica: bruises, shock, contusions, injuries

Arsenicum: food poisoning, colds/flu

Belladonna: fever, sunstroke, ear infections, headache

Bryonia: colds/flu, chills, headache, sprains

Calendula: remarkable healing agent; cuts, scrapes, incised wounds

Carbo veg.: indigestion, flatulence

Causticum: burns, incontinence, colds

Cantharis: burns, UTI’s

Chamomile: teething, ear infection, colds/flu

China: Indigestion, diarrhea, ailments from loss of fluids

Coffee: wakefulness, bad effects or fainting from shock or sudden emotion, extreme pain, oversensitive

Eupatorium: flu (pain aching deep in the bones)

Ferrum phos: fever, earache, frostbite

Gelsemium: cold/flu, headache, anticipatory anxiety, chills

Glonoine: headache, esp. from sunstroke

Hamamelis: bleeding from veins (e.g.; hemorrhoids), bruised soreness of affected parts

Hepar Sulph: septic wounds, croup

Hypericum: 1st remedy in injury to the nerve rich areas, lacerations, puncture wounds prevents lockjaw (tetanus)

Ignatia: grief, nerves, shock, fainting

Ipecacuanha: Nausea, vomiting, faintness, hemorrhage

Ledum: puncture wounds, black eye, mosquito bites

Nux-Vomica: ailments from over indulgence (e.g.; after a big meal, hangovers), cold/flu, headache

Phosphorus: cold/flu, cough, headache, hemorrhage

Pulsatilla: cold/flu, children’s nighttime cough, indigestion after fats

Rhus-tox: Sprains and strains, headache, cold/flu

Ruta: sprains/strains, bruises to the periosteum, tennis elbow

Silica: splinters, sepsis, fungal infections, abscesses, bad effects of vaccination

Symphytum: fractures/broken bones

Urtica urens: Burns, gout, nettle rash/urticaria, bad effects of eating Shellfish


Birh Kit:


Aconite: Miscarriage, Eclampsia, Extreme labor pains, Dominant M/E symptoms, Fear & anxiety, P.PInfection,

     Abnormal Lochia, Abnormal Lochia, Shock/Trauma to baby, Newborn Asphyxia

Arnica: Miscarriage, Premature Labor, Non-progressive labor, Difficult labor, Hemorrhage, After   Pains, P.P 

     Infection, Urine retention, Phlebitis/ Thrombosis, Shock/Trauma to baby, Newborn Asphyxia, Newborn 

     spinal/head injury, P.P care

Arsenicum: morning sickness, Extreme labor pains, Dominant M/E symptoms, Fear & anxiety, Retained 

      placenta, P.P Infection, Newborn Asphyxia

Belladonna: Miscarriage, Hemorrhage, Eclampsia, False Labor, Pre-Mature Labor, Extreme labor pains, Irregular

     labor, Difficult labor, Retained placenta, Episiotomy, After Pains, P.P Infection, Urine retention, Abnormal 

     lochia, Newborn Asphyxia, Newborn spinal/head injury

Bellis-Perennis: Miscarriage, Cesarean, Episiotomy, After Pains

Calendula: Fissures & ulcers in the rectal tissue, Cesarean, Episiotomy, P.P Infection

Cantharis: UTI’s, Urine retention, Convulsions, Expel a dead fetus, Eclampsia, Retained placenta, After Pains, 

    Abnormal Lochia

Carbo-vegetabialis: Asphyxia, Sub involution after birth, After pains, Phlebitis/Thrombosis, Hemorrhage, 

    Retained Placenta, Miscarriage, Hemorrhoids/ Varicose Veins

Caulophyllum: Miscarriage, False Labor, Premature Labor, Non-progressive labor, Dominant M/E symptoms, 

    Thirst & shivering, Fear & anxiety, Retained placenta, Hemorrhage, After Pains, Abnormal Lochia

Chamomilla: Miscarriage, False Labor, Extreme labor pains, Non-progressive labor, Dominant M/E symptoms, 

    After Pains, Abnormal Lochia

China: Indigestion, Diarrhea, ailments from loss of fluids, Hemorrhage, After Pains, Newborn Asphyxia

Cimicifuga: Miscarriage, False Labor, Premature Labor, Irregular labor, Non-progressive labor, Dominant M/E 

    symptoms, Fainting, Back labor, Fear & anxiety, Retained placenta, After Pains, Hemorrhage

Coffee: Miscarriage, Extreme labor pains, Non-progressive labor, Dominant M/E symptoms, Fainting during labor, 

    Back labor, Fear & anxiety, After Pains

Erigeron: Miscarriage, Hemorrhage, Abnormal Lochia

Gelsemium: Miscarriage, False labor, Premature labor, Irregular labor, Non-progressive labor, Dominant M/E 

    symptoms, Fear & anxiety, Trembling, Sleepy, Retained placenta, After Pains, Urine retention

Gossyipium:Morning sickness, Non-progressive labor, Retained placenta

Hamamelis: Varicose veins/Hemorrhoids, Hemorrhage, Phlebitis/Thrombosis

Hypericum: Episiotomy, Nerve pain, Newborn spinal/head injury

Ipecacuanha: Morning sickness, Miscarriage, Hemorrhage, Premature labor, Non-progressive labor, Retained 


Kali-carbonicum: morning sickness, miscarriage, Irregular labor, Non-progressive labor, Back labor, P.P 

    Hemorrhage, After Pains, Phlebitis/Thrombosis

Nux-Vomica: Morning sickness, Constipation, Varicose veins/ Hemorrhoids, Miscarriage, Extreme labor pains, 

    Irregular labor, Non-progressive labor, Dominant M/E symptoms, Fainting during labor, After Pains, Urine 

    retention, Abnormal Lochia

Phosphorus: Morning sickness, Miscarriage, G.D., Hemorrhage

Pulsatilla: Morning sickness, Constipation, Varicose Veins/Hemorrhoids, Miscarriage, False Labor, premature 

    labor, Irregular labor, Non-progressive labor, Dominant M/E symptoms, Fainting during labor, Fear & anxiety, 

    Sleepy during labor, Retained placenta, Abnormal Lochia, Phlebitis/Thrombosis, Subinvolution after birth

Sabina: Miscarriage, Labor pains from sacrum to pubic bone, Retained placenta, Hemorrhage, After Pains

Secale: Miscarriage, Hemorrhage, Irregular labor, Non-progressive labor, Fainting, Retained placenta, P.P 

    Infection, Abnormal Lochia, Sub involution following birth

Sepia:  Morning sickness, constipation, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, Miscarriage, Premature Labor, Extreme 

    labor pains, Difficult labor, Trembling, Back labor, Retained placenta, After Pains, Abnormal  Lochia, 

    Phlebitis/Thrombosis, Sub involution following birth

Staphysagria: Episiotomy, Cesarean, P.P Infection

Post Partum Kit 

Arnica: For speed of healing, bruising bleeding, shock and shaking – best immediately after birth.

Bellis-Perrinis: Special affinity to the uterus

Calendula: Speed of healing, prevents infection

Hypericum: Special affinity to nerves, great for injury to nerve rich areas 

Staphysagria: Specially indicated for c-sections and episiotomies