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Homeopaths Without Boarders

FROM SUSHILA LALSINGH, Executive Director of HWB-North America:

In the initial phase of its mission in Haiti, Homeopaths Without
Borders-North America (HWB-NA) overcame many obstacles to send a team to
Haiti. With the airport closed in Port au Prince, six volunteers, led by
Sushila Lalsingh, executive director of HWB-NA, flew to the Dominican
Republic and made the arduous travel overland to lend their healing skills
to the stricken people of that city. They returned to the US on February 10
after having treated more than 2000 people.

They were met in Port au Prince by Philippe Armand owner of the
Hospital Francais of Haiti, in normal times a private facility. Mr. Armand
provided two working tents for the treatment of patients, two rooms at the
hospital for volunteer shelter, 24-hour security and a permanent room for
the safekeeping of supplies.

The group, composed of Helen Hardinge-Field, Nancy Eos, Lauri
Grossman, Tom Namaya and Michael Samaroo, in addition to Sushila, treated
patients from 6 a.m. until late afternoon. Common ailments included burns,
physical trauma and injuries, fear, dizziness, headaches, urinary tract
infections , eye problems and dehydration. Hunger was an underlying factor.
There is grave concern that with the onset of the rainy season, there will
be a great need for remedies to treat dengue, malaria, cholera and other
tropical diseases.

Our volunteers were warmly welcomed by their Haitian patients as
well as by the medical staff at the hospital who demonstrated an eagerness
to learn homeopathy. Future missions will require volunteers to be
perceptive to needs for personal as well as acute remedies. 

A long-range plan will focus on the establishment of a permanent
homeopathic free clinic. At this time, the next step is to send a second
group in March after the airport has reopened, avoiding the time-consuming,
grueling and expensive trip from the Dominican Republic to Haiti.

To support its efforts, Homeopaths Without Borders welcomes the
financial and pharmaceutical support of the homeopathic community.
Information about donations may be made by going to the website:
www.homeopathswithoutborders-na.org. Homeopaths Without Borders-NA is a
non-profit 501 (c-3) corporation.